It's a normal day for Alex until several mysterious packages arrive in the mail for Alex's roommate, Derrick. It turns out Derrick has been on a recent buying spree, and has acquired some rather peculiar items. Material Possessions was an entry for the Ten Lines Contest. It tied for fourth out of eleven entries with Judah Franks's The Shopping List. Not bad for my first brickfilm.


Directed, Animated, Written and edited by
Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells as Alex, Derrick, Delivery Man
Special Thanks
Zach Macias
  • Camera: Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000
  • Capture software: Stop Motion Animator
  • Editing software: Windows Movie Maker 2
  • Microphone: Unknown
  • Frames per second: 15
  • Production duration: Fall 2005

Behind the Scenes

Material Possessions was filmed directly on my crowded computer desktop

Material Possessions was my first “real” brickfilm. When I was younger, I used the LEGO Movie Maker set to make some very basic “movies,” but I generally don’t consider those. Material Possessions was animated with the Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 and the freeware program Stop Motion Animator. I didn’t have a separate table to animate on, so I animated directly on my computer desktop, which made seeing the screen difficult. The set was lit with a single lamp, but I did use paper to diffuse and reflect the light.

Filming an overhead shot
Filming an overhead shot

I used a mediocre old Mac mic to record the sounds, and mixed them in Audacity. The footage was edited together with Windows Movie Maker 2, and it shows.

Material Possessions was one of my first steps into filmmaking, and it’s fascinating to look back and see how I progressed and changed. It may be rough in pretty much every aspect, but I remember being very proud of it when I may it back in 2005.