The original version of Flashbacks, which lacks the final scene and is now lost, was made for the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest. After the contest concluded, I animated and added the final scene, which was always in the original script. Flashbacks is another film that features my duo Alex and Derrick.


Directed, Animated, Written and edited by
Nathan Wells
Nathan Wells as Alex, Derrick
Emily Boyle as Alice
Zach Macias as Ben, Andy, Lisping Teen
Bethany Wells as Lady
Bert Loos
Johann Pachelbel
Danny Elfman
John Anthony Sponsler, Jr.
Tom Gire
Gustavo Santaolalla
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Digital Effects by
Zach Macias
Detonation Films - Rain effect
Special Thanks
Zach Macias
Emily Boyle
Bethany Wells
David West
  • Cameras: Canon Powershot A85
  • Capture software: Stop Motion Pro
  • Editing software: Adobe Premiere Pro 6.0
  • Frames per second: 15
  • Production duration: Fall 2007

Behind the Scenes

Coming Soon!